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People creating content in virtual reality (VR) need two main things, the means to create content, and the means to share and distribute it. STYLY offers a cloud and browser service that lets users create VR content, and now that service has expanded to offer a shared space where users can share content.

The newly launched STYLY Gallery allows users to access more than 1000 VR creations such as music videos, 3D art, visual stories and fashion exhibitions. Users can also upload and share their own VR content with other users and creators.

In order to experience the STYLY Gallery, users will need to download the STYLY VR Viewer app. Currently the app is only available for HTC Vive, but there are plans for the app to be made available for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

Users of STYLY VR Viewer can navigate to the STYLY Gallery and find a VR scene they like, and click on the HMD icon in the bottom right corner in order to experience the scene in VR. Using the VR Camera function, users can also capture images from within the VR scene and share those images to the Gallery, or on Facebook and Twitter.

For users who do not have access to a VR headset, an option to use WebView audiovisual is available, and users can click on the cube icon on the bottom right corner of the gallery in order to see the scenes in 2D.

STYLY is the creation of Psychic VR Lab, a Japanese company dedicated to providing a cloud and broswer based service for creating high quality VR content without needing to know programming. The platform accepts imports from tools such as Bender, Maya and Sketchup, among others.

Psychic VR Lab STYLY 2

The company has recently been involved in setting up workshops in Pakistan to help students get involved with VR content creation. VRFocus will continue to bring you news on STYLY and other VR companies and projects.


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