Google To Join Video Game Industry With Own Console and a Version of Xbox Game Pass?


GooglePromo image for Google Chromecast.

Google will reportedly join the ever-growing video game industry by releasing its own console and a streaming service similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

The said video game streaming service is reportedly called “Yeti” internally. It is also believed it will be initially launched through Google’s Chromecast device which currently serves like an all-in-one access to various contents from services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and an array of TV channels. If the reports tally, it means Chromecast users can directly flash games available in the Yeti service to their TVs.

To complete the Yeti service, Google is also rumored to be working on its very own console and controller.

In a report by Fortune magazine, sources claimed that Google had initially set a 2019 holiday target release for the Yeti. However, the company is likely going to miss that time frame after experiencing some delays.

While Google has yet to confirm these reports, the company appears to have built some requisites to entice gamers into supporting its gaming products. Apart from the Chromecast, Google also shows sincerity in continuously developing the Daydream platform for its virtual reality contents, which can soon become a good complement to its rumored Yeti service and gaming devices.

It can also be recalled that earlier this year, Google hired Phil Harrison, who is known as a former executive of both Sony’s and Microsoft’s video game development divisions.

Google’s Yeti will go up against Sony’s PlayStation Now and the relatively newer player from Microsoft, the Xbox Game Pass.

Both services practically function as the Netflix for video games. However, Xbox showed a more aggressive move recently after it announced that even its newest and upcoming first-party titles will be available via the Game Pass as soon as they are released in the market.

Though this might be good news for the gamers, the strategy did not get a warm welcome from retailers and many decided to entirely drop any product made by Xbox from their stores.


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